Khaldun ibn'Thoth "Riddles the Fae"

Alpha of The Pack of the Wandering Dream


Physical Str:2 Dex:2 Sta:2

Social Cha:3 Man:2 App:3

Per:3 Int:4 Wits:3

Alertness:1 Dodge:1 Intimidation:2 Primal-Urge:1

Etiquette:3 Leadership:2 Melee:2 Performance:2

Enigmas:3 Investigation:3 Linguistics:3 Occult:4 Rituals:4 Science:1

Fetish:3 Rites:4

Sense Wyrm
Spirit Speech
Luna’s Armor

Glory:1/1 Honor:1/9 Wisdom:5/2

Rage:2/2 Gnosis:3/3 Willpower:6/6



Equipment: Priestly Robes, Gold Jewelery, Ceremonial Staff,
Stat Type: Item
Category: Fetish
Level: 3
Gnosis: 6
Spirit: War

Certain Silent Strider Theurges carry the D’siah, the “Blade of the Moon.” These ritual flint daggers are knapped into the shape of the crescent moon, and are used against Banes and other evil spirits.

Upon successful activation of the fetish, it does aggravated damage to all creatures for the duration of one scene. When used against Banes, and on a successful activation roll, it is capable of striking Banes that have not materialized from the realm. Obviously, one must have some means of seeing into the Penumbra in effect for this to work.

-OR (waiting on GM approval)

Coin of Wealth
Stat Type: Item
Category: Fetish
Level: 3
Gnosis: 8
Spirit: Wealth

A Silver Dollar from the days of the Old West, passed down from one Theurge to another to help them along in case they need to pay for anything. When activated, the Theurge flips the coin in the air and the coin doubles itself when caught facing heads up. The Theurge must call it while in the air in order for the wealth spirit to invoke it’s powers.

Successful activation grants temporary levels in the Resources Background per two successes; overuse causes the Fetish to shrink and loses Potency)

Oak Leaf Fredrick & Clyde

Level Five, Gnosis 5

Appearing as nothing more than a green, leafy coil of a willow branch, a Willowwhip is surprisingly deadly for something so innocuous-looking. Extending up to 18 feet in length, the Willowhip is used exactly like a bullwhip, though to much greater effect.

System: When a Willowhip wraps the arm or leg of an opponent, it does not release. Rather, it grows-encasing and mummifying the victim in green wood in just three turns. When the process is completed, the Willowhip breaks off at its normal length.

A Strength roll (difficulty 8) is required to break free, but that just undoes one turn’s worth of growth. A victim who is completely encapsulated needs three successful rolls to break free. While the mummification process is happening, the Garou who possesses the Willowhip cannot take any other action involving the whip. If he does so, the process aborts instantly.

Once a victim is mummified, he is completely immobilized. On a botched Strength check, he begins to suffocate, and unless freed within five turns, he will asphyxiate.

Pack Tactics:Fur Gnarl

Ratkin Buddy!


Silent striders crinos 100x100 by scaper deage
The country he was born in doesn’t even exist anymore. It is being torn apart by petty men who are using hate and greed to bring themselves to power. One day, they came and shot his father, then raped his mother and sisters. They should have killed him when they did his father. He showed the men of hate what True Hate really was. But in his Rage, Khaldun also killed his family. His mind broke under the strain, and for the next few years, was nothing more than a savage beast, stalking and killing anyone unfortunate enough to cross his path. That was how the others found him.

His next memories were of being locked in the basement of a Midwestern farmhouse, endlessly tormented by the spirits of the dead. The Kinfolk he was left with did little more than feed him, and his only source of comfort came from the collection of Egyptian memorabilia that cluttered one corner that cluttered his basement prison. Something in their design spoke to his soul.

Most important was the statue of the black jackal. It stood there with quiet strength and dignity, and he sought to adapt those traits as his own. It filled his dreams and helped him find power within himself to stand against his ghostly assailants.

Slowly, his mind healed and Khaldun learned what he had become. Without his hate, however, his life was without direction. The ghosts of his innocent victims were slowly driving him mad.

When the the American Laughing Mask Faire came to collect him, he found himself thrust among others of his own kind for the first time. There, he eagerly learned the ways and secrets of the spirit world from Adrzej “Dreams of Stone” Kowalski, the sept’s Theurge.
Urrah transformation
His natural aptitude in dealing with spirits, especially of those of the dead, was quickly noticed by others within the sept. Other Theurges took him under their wing, teaching him their Rites and the secrets of the spirits of Life and Death. Khaldun’s insatiable appetite for knowledge also attracted the interest of people dedicated to the pursuit of the lost wisdom and secret histories of the world. Now he pursues wisdom in the dust of the past and the hidden realms of the Umbra.

At the carnival some said Khaldun was a kin-slayer, a thing of death that should be killed for his sins. He knew this to be a lie and ignored them with the same quiet dignity as the Guardian Statue had once shown. He might have fallen to Harano if it weren’t for Floyd and Lorraine. In a land of petty hatred, melancholy, and divisiveness, they spoke of unity. In his studies with Kowalski, he had learned the truth. The figure that gave him solace was a god; one you had guided and had power over the dead. And Khaldun was in his image. The words and deeds of the elders rekindled what little idealism remained in Khaldun’s heart and gave him a sense of purpose he needed the begin his Rite of Passage…

What the humans cannot and will not build for themselves, the Garou-the right Garou- can build in their stead. Khaldun carries the word that prosperity can be achieved, and argues for the cooperation as if the words were engraved on his heart.

Loki ravensgale by wen m
I have seen much blood and mistrust in my life already. I’m offering you a different path, if you are willing to take it. Death is only a doorway, with a world of knowledge and wisdom on the other side. I’ve lived with the dead all my life. Nothing they do frightens me anymore.

My early exposures to the basic knowledge I’d long been denied opened my eyes and helped put my entire existence into perspective. learning more will only improve that understanding of self and the world around me. i am an accomplished and self-taught historian and archaeologist, and the Dark Umbra is just another tomb to explore. The Seekers found me and provide me with access to peers who share my thirst for knowledge and whom I can count on to offer intelligent conversation. Among my goals is finding a way to break the curse, so that others don’t have to suffer as I did.

I am the son of Anubis, and must act in accordance with my station. I am polite and well spoken at all times, even when insulting to those beneath me. I am unabashedly unashamed of my past, and turn my nose up to anyone boorish enough to claim it is a shameful thing.

Khaldun ibn'Thoth "Riddles the Fae"

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