Dreaming of America

Sam's Journal Entry #1

Dear Journal,
Things have been hard since last we spoke.
Everyone I knew died.
But they died trying to save me, so there’s some comfort in that right? I survived. I just wish they had too…
But It’s been getting better ever since then… although it got real bad right after that. Let me start at the beginning.
So, I’d just finished sweeping off the porch of the house when a couple strangers rolled into town. I hadn’t seen ‘em before, but I was friendly like I was raised to be. Turns out they were from the carnival just outside of town, had come to get me. Come to take me to safety. We sat down, had a drink, and got to know each other a little better. Then, as they said, it was time to go. We quickly went back to my old truck but, you know me Journal, I’d forgotten to fill it when I got back from that delivery! So one of them ran to grab the gas can and they told me to stay in the truck. I saw some oldster at the end of the little alley we were in, but he just went on his way after asking a question of the others. I started up the truck, and just then, one of them tackled me to the floor! Right before he got me however, I saw that the old man had become some kind of horrible monster! How’s that for strange!? Well, they soundly defeated that thing, and we set out to their home place. It looked like I’d fallen in with some pretty great folks!
When we got there, there were a bunch of suited gentlemen waiting for us. I was taken out back to a tent where I could hide. When we got in there, there was a man in a white suit with the strangest looking glowing glasses I’d ever seen. I guess I blacked out in fear, but when I was out, my friend pulverized that suit!!
But despite the best effort of my friends, they ended up taking me with them in their strange flying things.
I had to think fast. There was no way that they could track these things, so I decided to give them a trail. I tore up my shirt and pants, and dropped a strip of cloth every minute or so. I hoped so hard at the time that it would work.
I don’t know if I can put what came next into words. It was a blur of misshapen images and an all encompassing agony of the soul, the likes of which I have never felt before. I still get tears in my eyes thinking about it.
It all cleared up though, when my friends came to rescue me. I don’t know what they went through to save me, or what they’ll go through to protect me, but I’m pretty good with a baseball bat, maybe I could help them out.
Oops! Gotta go Journal! Looks like they’re having some sort of Cow thing going on tonight, and they want me to attend.
Talk to you later!


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